Who Can Apply for the EUR ING Title


Application is open only to individuals if they are members of an engineering association represented in FEANI through a National Member (see section "Members").


How to Apply for the EUR ING Title



b) Hardcopy Application: Download the application form from this page and fill it in electronically. The Application Form is available in English.

EUR ING Application Form  (latest update: 15/05/2019)

Additionally, please download/fill in this Professional Engineer Experience Section: .doc;.pdf . Put your name, signature and the date and add it to your application form with the other supporting documents. A brief overview CV (dated and signed) is also needed.

The fully completed Application Form together with the requested supporting documents must be submitted to the National Monitoring Committee where the applicant is registered, and where they have some relevant link, either directly or indirectly through his/her engineering association. To do so, depending of the country, the documents are either directly sent to the National Member by the EUR ING Candidate or to the Association he/she belongs to, which then transmit it to the National Member (to be verified locally). 

For instance for UK, the applications should be sent to the appropriate Institution with the appropriate fee. The Institutions are listed in the section "Members". A Guidance Note to assist in completing the form is also available to UK applicants from their Institution.

An application sent directly to the FEANI Secretariat General cannot be considered.