Upcoming meetings

FEANI Internal Audit Meeting, Brussels
164 EMC, 8-9 September 2020, Nicosia
General Assembly, 9 October 2020, DE- Berlin
181st Executive Board, 25 September 2020, TelCo
National Member's Forum, 8 October 2020, Berlin
165 EMC, 2-3 December 2020, London

For the "FEANI ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING 2020" (8-9 October in DE-Berlin) there will a specific website in place where you can find the schedule, hotel information and you can also register yourself and do the payment online.

The website is not yet available, but the draft program can be found here.

The website is for the 2019 FEANI GA, in IS-Reykjavik: bm2019reykjavik.feani.org