Association Luxembourgeoise des Ingénieurs, Architectes, Scientifiques et Industriels

6  Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte
L-1330 Luxembourg
Tel. + 352 45 13 54
Fax. + 352 45 09 32

President:  Mr. Marc Solvi 

Secretary General: Mr. Christian Cortina

Adhesion: 1951

Number of Member Engineers: 1100

Number of EUR INGs: 32 (January 2016)

"In 1996 the engineering studies at the ISTL (Institut Supérieur de Technologie du Luxembourg / Luxembourg University of Applied Sciences) were extended from 3 to 4 years in order to maintain an adequate level of competence of the Engineers in Luxembourg and to respect the professional qualification standards required by the economical platform. Some years later, in 1999, the Association of Industrial Engineers in Luxembourg ALII (Association Luxembourgeoise des Ingénieurs Industriels) emerged from the ALIT (Association Luxembourgeoise des Ingénieurs Techniciens). Thus, the ALII is representing the Industrial Engineers as well as the Technical Engineers in Luxembourg. The ALII has narrow relations with the newly founded University of Luxembourg, the members of the Government, the members of Parliament and the Professional Chambers to have the Engineers' positions prevail in respect of the technical and professional training as well as of the laws and regulations governing the professional life of the Engineer (protection of the Title, right of establishment, application of the EEC Directives on recognition of diplomas and on the professional qualification standards…)."

Declared number of engineers:
Number of EUR INGs:
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