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Report from the comission to the council and the european parliament

09 Dec 2015

Report on the European Research Council’s operations and realization of the objectives set out in the Specific Programme “Ideas" in 2013

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Survey shows diverse picture of Europe at work - but with some positive developmetns

24 Nov 2015

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EC DG Trade: Meeting report of the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership Advisory Group meeting

02 Nov 2015

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EACEA - The Structure of the European Education Systems 2015/16

01 Nov 2015

Final Report: Liberal Professions

01 Nov 2015

Bolstering the Business of Liberal Professions

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11th round of TTIP talks brought progress in most areas of the negotiations

23 Oct 2015

Today, the EU and US finished 11th round of talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Negotiators discussed all three pillars of what could be the biggest bilateral trade agreement in history, meaning market access for EU and US companies, regulatory cooperation and trade rules. The goal of the agreement is to slash trade taxes and facilitate trade between the two blocks with an aim to boost economic growth, create more job opportunities and modernise rules governing global trade.

Internationalisation of higher education

01 Sep 2015

A new, more inclusive vision of education and training up to 2020

01 Sep 2015

Industry 4.0

01 Sep 2015

Designing strategies for efficient funding of universities in Europe

01 Sep 2015