Schweizer Nationalkomitee für FEANI

Comité National Suisse de la FEANI
Swiss National Committee for FEANI

update as of 01/01/2017

c/o Schweizerisches Ingenieur and Architektenverein - SIA
Selnaustr. 16 Postfach
CH-8027 Zürich
Tel: +41 44 283 15 15
Fax: +4144 283 15 16

President: Dr. Jörg-Martin HOHBERG

Secretary General : Myriam BARSUGLIA

FEANI Secretariat: Jeannine KELLER-NIELSEN

c/o SIA
Selnaustr. 16, Postfach
CH-8027 Zürich

Adhesion: 1951
Declared Engineers: 127.000
Number of EUR INGs: 884 (January 2016)

Member Associations


Schweizerischer Ingenieur- und Architekten Verein
Swiss society of Engineers and Architects
Société Suisse des Ingénieurs et des Architectes

President: Mr. Stefan Cadosch
Managing Director: Hans-Georg Bächtold

Selnaustrasse 16, Postfach
CH-8027 Zürich
Tel. : +41 44 283 15 15
Fax. : +41 44 283 15 16

For over 175 years, the SIA has been Switzerland's leading professional association for qualified construction, technology and environment specialists. Together with around 15,000 members from the fields of engineering and architecture, the SIA constitutes a unique interdisciplinary skills network focusing on a construction culture of the utmost quality, with the central aim of promoting high-calibre design to ensure that the built environment in Switzerland can meet the requirements of the future.

On the basis of its numerous standards, regulations, guidelines, recommendations and other documents, which are of vital importance for the entire planning and construction sector in Switzerland, the SIA has set up an indispensable regulatory framework for building and architectural activities. The Society consistently serves its members by organising training events, offering advice and issuing various publications, and it represents their interests through its political involvement and its public relations work. 

The SIA consists of four Professional Groups focusing on Architecture, Civil Engineering, Technology and the Environment. It has a federal structure with 18 sections which ensure that the SIA’s concerns are taken into account locally, and in line with regional cultures. Specific technical issues are dealt with by the SIA’s 23 specialist associations, and over 200 committees and working groups comprising recognised experts focus on continuing to develop the framework of standards.


Swiss Engineering STV

President: Mr Laurent Favre
Secretary General: Mr. Stefan Arquint

Weinbergstrasse 41
CH-8006 Zürich
Tel. :+41 44 268 37 11
Fax. :+41 44 268 37 00

The Swiss Technical Association, STA, has been founded in 1905. On the occasion of the 100 year anniversary the name has changed in Swiss Engineering STV.
With some 14.500 members, Swiss Engineering STV covers above all qualified engineers and architects, graduated at an engineering school, from different branches:
15 % in architecture, 14% in civil engineering and 71% in industrial engineering (production, logistics, services and management) with 28% mechanical engineers, 25% electronic engineers and 18% from other engineering professions. They are organised in 28 regional groups and 25 specialized groups.