• Article "Mobility of Engineers in Europe - A Pragmatic Approach from the Engineering Profession", by D. Owens, December 2014
  • FEANI Statement on EIT (European Institute of Technology): Speech by Dr. W. Fuchs on 2 May 2007 at the European Parliament
    - English version
    - German version
  • FEANI EQF Statement
    In summer 2005, the EU Commission's DG Education and Culture, Directorate Lifelong Learning, Education and Training policies, launched a major consultation related to a European Commission staff working document "Towards European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning".
    FEANI prepared the following document providing a pan-European answer on some of the points raised by the DG Education and Culture regarding the qualifications of professional engineers taking into account the diversities encountered in the different EU Member States: FEANI EQF document

    More on this consultation can be found in the following documents:

    - Letter from the EU Commission
    - Overview of the EQF
    - EQF Consultation