More Mobility for Engineers


19 March 2014: 17.00 hrs to 20.45 hrs

With the increasing globalization and the further integration of the EU internal market, the demand for mobile qualified personnel is increasing rapidly. This is particularly the case for engineers who are key contributors to innovation and economic growth. Large corporations and SMEs are operating across borders and engineering service providers are more and more involved in international projects. These factors – together with the imbalances in the availabi¬lity of engineering skills across Europe – amplify the demand for engineers who can be deployed across EU member states.

With the recent amendment of the Professional Qua-lifications Directive (2013/55/EU), the EU has taken a significant step towards the reduction of mobility barriers. Nonetheless, more needs to be done to effectively facilitate the cross-border mobility of regulated professions while improving the functioning of the internal market.

VDI – The Association of German Engineers together with FEANI – The European Federation of Professio¬nal Engineers, invites you to discuss how the mobility of qualified personnel can be enhanced and how this will foster growth and innovation in Europe. The event offers an interchange of ideas on the topic between policy decision makers and representatives from industry, public administration and engineering organizations. For engineers and the companies they work for, the introduction of the engineering card, a professional card which facilitates the recognition of qualifications substantially, will play a major role.


17.00 hrs Registration

17.30 hrs Opening address

Prof. Dr.-Ing Udo Ungeheuer, President, VDI

17.45 hrs Keynote address :

Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services

18.15 hrs Panel discussion :

Ralph Appel, Executive Director,

VDI Rafael Aller, President, FEANI

Konstantinos Tomaras, European Commission, DG Internal Market, Deputy Head of Unit E4 Free movement of professionals

Bernadette Vergnaud, European Parliament, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection

Monica Wertheim, E. ON SE

Moderator: Dirk Bochar, Secretary General, FEANI

19.45 hrs Get-together


VDI – The Association of German Engineers FEANI – The European Federation of professional engineers


Hotel SOFITEL, Brussels – Place Jourdan, 1 19 March 2014: 5.00 p.m. to 8.45 p.m.