CV Section

  • This CV Section contains Curriculum Vitae proposed by EUR INGs registered in the FEANI REGISTER or engineers registered with an engineering association member of FEANI. 
  • This section is free of charge and offers the possibility to place a CV to be consulted by interested bodies (employers, employment agencies,...). 
  • The engineer should give all contact details in her/his CV in order to be contactable directly. 
  • Any additional contact between a potential recruiter and the engineer is not supported by the FEANI General Secretariat. The reply and/or negotiation should be arranged between the recruiter and the engineer.

List of Curriculum Vitae

EUR ING Abid Alam (09/2017)

Raphael Ventorim Mozzer (07/2017)

EUR ING Krzysztof Swiac (04/16)